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Day 1 and Straight to the Job

Visitors kept coming to where I lived. There was lots of talking. The mom of the little sneezy boy would have sounds of happiness one minute, then sounds of sadness the next. The people that came in seemed to come to meet me! Alrighty then! That's okay with me because I love people! Aww man, they must have come to play with me!

Then one day, a really nice lady in a purple shirt came to see me. When she looked at me, I had to hurry to meet her. She picked me up and I didn't want her to put me down. She hugged me and kissed me and I knew she really liked furry people like me. Then she left. I wondered why? I didn't want her to go. I wanted to play. But do you know what? Not too long after the lady in the purple shirt left, she came back! What's this? The mom of the sneezy boy was gathering up my things. Oh no! She was crying! I learned the really nice lady's name. It was Rita, and she was taking me with her! But where were we going? They put me in a prison with a handle on top. I did not like being in there, no sir, not at all. I cried and cried and we got in a really big car and drove and drove. We pulled up to a place with a long driveway. She took me out of the car in that horrible prison with the handle on top and we walked around the back. Yay! She was letting me out of the prison. There were other hoomans there and they kept saying awww, isn't he so cute! I got hugs and kisses and I ran around and sniffed and claimed stuff (if ya know what I mean). This place had lots and lots of grass and there were places dug up, tools and big noisy machines everywhere. But I loved it, cuz I was out of that god-forsaken prison with the handle on top. After awhile, another hooman came out of the big house. Her name was Joi. When she saw me, she got a big smile and came over and picked me up! I could tell she really liked fur-people too. She wanted me to chase her. I hoped I didn't scare her too much, cuz I'm ferocious!! So I learned that this placed is called 'work'. That was my first day. We went home to another house not as big as the first house. It was kinda scary at first, but when I cried, Joi & Rita would make me feel so much better by picking me up and talking to me. I think I'm gonna like this place.

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