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Just What Exactly Can Two Women Getting Up In Years Accomplish?

Updated: Feb 27

My name is Joi and my best friend and business partner, Rita have been doing landscape construction for nearly 40 years. We grew up together. I had jobs previous to landscaping. Office jobs. I've been working full time since I was 17 years old. Rita is a licensed cosmetologist. Rita and I decided to work together. Both of us being very detailed, our work was appreciated by our customers and although the work is back-breaking, we enjoyed building things. Things outside the box and we really paid attention to the quality and making sure things were done that way we would want it done if we were to hire someone. As time went on, and as employees came and went, it became more and more difficult to find people who wanted to do manual/seasonal work for a living. Eventually, with an occasional part-time employee here and there, it came down to Rita and I doing literally, all the work. If it weren't for the inevitable fact that we couldn't keep doing this kind of work, I'm not sure that I personally (I can't speak for Rita) would ever quit landscape construction. I love it. I love taking something that a customer wants, configuring the best way to meet their needs, putting it on paper, and making it come to fruition. There is nothing more satisfying than that as far as I'm concerned. It was never easy, trying to make happen something you've never built before. But we did it time after time after time. But comes the reality that we wouldn't be able to do this hard work for much longer. After we had finished a job and had transformed it into an outdoor living space, we'd hear so many times 'you could have a wedding back here'. I always design with the customers life style in mind. The customers needs or lack thereof for entertaining guests was always the first thing I considered before coming up with a plan. Rita and I, as well as so many of our close friends love to entertain. We designed backyards for some of our friends that do a lot of entertaining that really were places that could easily host a wedding. So that got us to thinking. Why don't we build an outdoor wedding venue? We'll incorporate all of the skills we'd acquired over the decades and give people a stunning, secluded place to have their special event. So that's what we decided to do. The journey ahead of us has been, to say the least, a grueling one. This blog will help you to understand what we've been through.

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