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Terms & Policies


Choose the 6 hours of your choice for accessing our outdoor event venue.  All attending must leave by the end of the 6th hour of your choice.


One setup and take-down of 12 tables and 100 chairs are included with the price of your rental.  

Decorations are not included with the rental of our outdoor event venue. Clients may bring in their own decorations but must be approved by AEG.   Clients setting up decorations do so at their own risk and will not hold AEG responsible for injuries or damage in doing so.


Clients may self-cater or use a caterer of their choice.  Caterers may access the property at any time during the 6 hours chosen by the client. Caterers are responsible for all licensing, insurance and food handling, bussing tables, removal of trash and clean up of serving and prepping areas.  The premises are to be left clean and in order as they are found upon arrival.


Alcohol is allowed at our outdoor event venue but may not be served to minors or anyone who appears to be intoxicated.  Utah State Law requires that a professional bar service with necessary licensing and liability insurance (minimum of $ 1 million).  Upon signing this agreement the client agrees to hold harmless Aoki Event Garden LLC and it's staff from any damages, costs or expenses, including attorneys fees, which may arise as a result of consumption of alcoholic beverages by client or the clients guests or anyone affiliated with the client who may enter the property of Aoki Event Garden at the time of the clients event.  Alcohol must be purchased within the State of Utah.  Guests consuming alcohol not served by a licensed bartender will be asked to leave.  Aoki Event Garden LLC reserves the right to charge a $200 fee for additional clean-up due to guests alcohol consumption.  Guests who are behaving in a rowdy, disrespectful or destructive manner will be required to leave the premises.


AEG has an outdoor sound system that is available for the client for streaming music.  Sound system may not be loud enough or suitable for dancing. Client is welcome to provide their own playlists, DJs providing their own equipment for dancing.  Music may be played during the 6 hours of the clients choice.


Any damages to the facility of any kind caused by the client or it's guests will be deducted from the client's deposit.  AEG is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to their personal property during the time of the event.

Clients and their guests are require to stay on the paved surfaces of the facility.  Guests including their children are not allowed to enter the landscaped areas anywhere on the premises, including the waterfall and pond or anywhere there exists living trees and plants.  Any damages to the above will be charged to the client at their mature value to remove and replace the damaged items in the case of trees, shrubs and plants.

The waterfall and pond areas are not to be entered and the client and its guests are not to throw anything into the pond.  In the event that anyone is seen throwing objects into the pond or waterfall, or entering the pond or waterfall,  AEG reserves the right to charge the client an additional $500.  If the lives of the expensive Koi fish are jeopardized, charges will be applied according to the extent of the damage.


The premises will be left in a clean and orderly manner as found upon arrival.  If anything overlooked has to be cleaned up after the client's event.  AEG will require a valid credit card to be kept on file for any cleanup which is necessary beyond the $800 deposit.



Security deposit of $800 is refundable after inspection after the time of event.  Damages or cleanup will be deducted from the deposit.  If damages or cleanup extend beyond the $800 deposit, the client's credit card on file will be charged.

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